• Le 15 mai 2023 de 14:00 à 16:00
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  • Lundi 15 mai, 14h 
Responsable : Jenny Doetjes (Leiden University)
Titre : Cardinal numerals and other quantity expressions: what can we count on?
(Les numéraux cardinaux et d'autres expressions de quantité : sur quoi pouvons-nous compter ?)

Résumé: During this talk, I will discuss two conflicting theories of numerals: Ionin and Matushansky (2006) and Bale, Gagnon and Khanjian (2011). These two theories make incompatible claims about the universal properties of noun phrases containing numerals. I will argue that, if one really wants to understand numerals, one needs to compare not only properties of numerals across languages, but also the properties of other quantity expressions that occur in the same languages (Doetjes, 2021). The paper will end with a discussion about how we can decide on what types of properties are universal and thus what theoretical properties one can take for granted when analyzing linguistic data. References:

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