• Le 09 novembre 2018
    De 15:00 à 17:30
    Campus Tertre
    Bâtiment Censive, Salle du LLING, C228

Vendredi 9 novembre 2018, 15h
Responsable : Pritty Patel-Grosz (University of Oslo)

Titre: Coreference vs. disjoint reference in the semantics of narrative dance

Résumé: In this talk I present an exploratory production study of Bharatanatyam, a figurative (narrative) dance. We investigate the encoding of coreference vs. disjoint reference in this dance and argue that a formal semantics of narrative dance can be modeled in line with Abusch’s (2013, 2014, 2015) semantics of visual narrative (drawing also on Schlenker’s, 2017a, approach to music semantics). A main finding of the investigation is that larger-level group-boundaries (Charnavel, 2016) can be seen as triggers for discontinuity inferences (possibly involving the dynamic shift from one salient entity to another).