• Le 12 novembre 2018
    De 10:30 à 12:30
    Campus Tertre
    Bâtiment Censive, Salle du LLING, C228

Lundi 12 novembre 2018, 10h30
Responsable : Nadine Bade (Tübingen University)

Titre: Japanese particles wa and ga as scope markers of EXH

Résumé: The paper discusses two comparative experimental studies on information structure in German and Japanese. We measured reaction times during a truth value judgment task to investigate the interpretation of Japanese wa/ga marking compared to German focus and topic marking. The aim is a better understanding of the influence of intonational versus additional syntactic/morphological marking of focus and topic on interpretation cross–linguistically. A broader question we are interested in regards the stability of notions like topic and focus. Our findings suggest that there is no one to one alignment between the interpretation of topic in German and Japanese. Furthermore, we find interesting differences in the interpretation of clefts between languages. Our findings suggest that exhaustivity inferences related to Japanese ga marking has the status of an implicature, comparable to the interpretation of German focus. We propose an analysis where ga marks the scope position of an exhaustivity operator relative to an epistemic operator (Mayer, 2013).